Our Work

We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients, helping them actualize their unique visions on the the web.

Here are a select few:

Makebuzz - Profit Optimization Software

10th Letter designed and implemented a sleek, intuitive user interface for MakeBuzz’s landmark new Profit Optimization Software.

What We Did

User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Interface Design, Front-end Development

Project Timeline

Four months

Now that the MakeBuzz Profit Optimization Web Application is up and live we can finally talk about it! The video above does a great job highlighting what it does. How we built it is another matter.

We were giving a mighty task from MakeBuzz: “Here’s a mountain of data. Here’s what we want it to do. GO!” But this is exactly this kind of challenge that we’ve been embracing for over a decade. The first step was to break down the user scenarios, and case studies. What will the users be doing?

Once we had mapped everything out, the next step was compressing the staggering amount of data filtration options into easy to understand, intuitive clusters. With excellent, near real-time communication with the client we were able to get detailed feedback and hone in on a user interface structure and overall user experience that really delivered exactly what MakeBuzz was looking for.

Once we got the UI squared away we were able to sink our teeth into the subtle details that make custom apps like this really come to life and take on a character of their own. The subtle use of light and shadow, customized fonts and a hand picked color scheme, it was these final details gave the end users of the software the polish and clarity that MakeBuzz was after.

Learn it! Anytime

Letter Designs crafted an engaging and robust web platform that has allowed Learn iT! to leverage their unique content online and has attracted over 10,000 members.

What We Did

User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Interface Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, E-commerce

Project Timeline

Five months, Ongoing

When Learn iT!, one of California’s premier training service providers, came to us with the request to take their entire teaching program online we were beyond excited. To be sure we gave their users the exact experience Learn iT was looking for we worked with them incredibly closely from the first mock-ups all the way through the end of development and both parties couldn’t be happier with the results.

Along with creating the look and feel for learnitanytime.com we at 10th Letter Designs were also responsible for creating an entire membership management system, restricted access to premium content and an integrated payment gateway.

We succeeded in implementing a system that allows any user of the site to see all the amazing content that they would have access if they signed up for a subscription, but actually restricting the videos to registered members only.

The final core piece of technology that we integrated was the video player. Learnit has a unique video playback system that has the videos automatically pause at certain points for the users to do their own work in parallel, aiding in their absorption and retention of the information. We integrated the player such that there was a minimal amount of navigation necessary and user experience to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

10th letter designs was very sensitive to Learn iT’s desire to for low bounce rates and to have their new site be scalable so we did exhaustive load test studies and speed tested the site extensively.

The overall result is a rock solid, polished, intuitively designed, scalable web platform that gotten Learn it rave reviews, attracted over 10,000 members and generated considerable profits.


10th Letter Designs gave Klipeo a much-needed facelift and re-structured data moduals for better user experience and a polished final product.

What We Did

User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Interface Design, Front-end Development

Project Timeline

One month

With an exciting idea but their front-end in disarray, Klipeo gave us a call to clean a bit of house.

While we can’t say too much about the project (it has not yet launched) we can say that we took what was a cluttered, unintuitive layout and transformed it into a polished, professional-looking site with an intuitive layout, custom icons and a logical site architectural scheme.

Umavida Network, Bolivia

A website that coordinates a network with eight NGOs, three international partners, 70+ pages of content and one lofty goal? Yeah, we got this.

What We Did

User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Interface Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Custom Wordpress Dev

Project Timeline

Four months

As we share the common values of social and environmental justice we jumped at the change to work with the UMAVIDA Network -based in Bolivia.

The biggest challenges on the project were (1) how to organize the mountain of information, activities, bulletins and programs they had going on and (2) how to get the network able to maintain the site independently once our contract had finished.

The solution was a well-crafted, customized Wordpress CMS site. With custom PHP coding, 10th Letter was able to deliver a web site able to handle the wealth of time sensitive content UMAVIDA was able to throw at it; through hours of consultation we organized their mountain of content into a logical structure; and because the site runs Wordpress the UMAVIDA technical team can now update the site with no HTML knowledge.