What we do

We've discovered a little secret: the best websites & apps come from open communication with our clients and a true understanding of their vision.

Our entire design and development process flows from this often overlooked planning phase. Technology will change, web trends will come and go, but communication will always be paramount in actualizing our client’s vision.


Thorough Consultations

Our websites are more than just good design. We work with every client to develop goals and concepts before work begins. Our thorough questionnaires will help you conceptualize the finished site before work begins. This streamlines the build process and give you a more effective website.

Sublime User Experiances

UX is about designing websites & software around people and the way they work. We embrace the end user through the crafting of personas, written user stories and workflows that discuss the desires and goals of each worker. We take complex systems and build intuitive, simple interfaces that present clean views of data and process.

Custom Tailored Designs

In a world of template-based sites, unique design stands out. That’s why we design every website from the ground up. With 10th Letter Designs you’ll get a site that truly reflects you or your organization.

Information Architecture

The art and science of organization. 10th Letter Designs focuses on helping you re-configure your information and structure your website so that it sound, straight forward and intuitive.


Bulletproof Development

Code is king. Our developers take pride in building rock-solid sites that won’t crumble under pressure. We also build our sites to work flawlessly with every major modern browser out there.

Mobile & Web Apps

Apps are hot, but need to be built right. We use established frameworks (MVC/MVVM) to be certain what we develop is well suited for applications on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. We design and deliver HTML5 or native OS (iOS, Android) apps and can host your data and back end functionality locally or in the cloud.

Agile / Scrum Dev Cycles

The number of people it takes to make software has dropped by an order of magnitude in the last 10 years, so the development techniques have adapted to support smaller teams. 10th letter uses agile/scrum to develop small pieces of functionality very quickly, allowing our clients to see rapid progress and give feedback much earlier in development.


Selling your product or service online should be simple. We build and deploy powerful e-commerce platforms that are flexible and easy to use.

Big data analysis

Big data has happened because the web generates SO much data now. Traditional databases have been bolstered by new NoSQL databases such as Hadoop and MongoDB, allowing for much faster data retrieval, storage, and analysis. 10th letter will guide you through all of the nuances to determine a data strategy that fits your business.


Cross Browser Compliance

Great websites are consistent from browser to browser. We test sites on modern browsers throughout development to ensure total consistency.

Speed Testing

Did you know that the number one factor in bounce rate (how many users leave your site after viewing just one page) is slow page load times? We test all of our sites for stability and speed, ensuring pages load quickly at nearly all connection speeds.

Marketing Campaigns & CRM

Any business can take advantage of a Customer Relationship Management platform. From tracking & converting leads, monitoring purchases, launching campaigns, and performing detailed customer analysis, a good CRM is an investment well worth making and we’ll help you find one that suits your needs.